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 Trainer Provider Certification System

The Workforce Solutions for South Texas welcomes interested providers of training services to submit applications for certification of occupational training programs.  Upon approval, eligible Workforce Investment Act participants have the option to review and select a training program via an internet-based State-wide List of Certified Providers.  The following steps are required for certification:

  1. Submit a Provider Assurance Statement Form (PAS) to the Texas Workforce Commission located at:
  2. Once your user ID and password has been activated, you may begin to complete your application at using the "log-on" tab.
  3. Submit your complete initial application to "South Texas" located at the end of the application.
  4. Submit your "Board Requirements" by the due date indicated on the application.

The Workforce Solutions for South Texas will review its content, performance, cost, and linkage to our Board's Targeted Occupation List. Approved applications will be submitted to the Texas Workforce Commission. Programs shall be eligible for WIA sponsorship upon listing on the Statewide Certified Training Provider List.

For additional information contact:
Bertha Millan
(956) 722-3973 ext. 245