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TANF Employment and Training (Choices)

Choices operates under a Work First service model. From the point of applying for cash assistance (through the Texas Health and Human Services Commission), throughout delivery of benefits and employment services, Choices individuals receive a consistent message:

  • Government assistance is temporary.
  • Texans are responsible for the support of themselves and their families.
  • Employment is the goal.

Both State and federal welfare reform legislation emphasizes personal responsibility, time-limited cash assistance benefits, and the goal of work instead of welfare. To support these mandates, TWC and local Boards developed a service delivery model with the goal of employment at the earliest opportunity for applicants and recipients of cash assistance.

Choices provides services to two populations:

  • Single-parent families
  • Two-parent families
On October 1, 2001, Texas created a TANF State-funded program specifically serving two-parent households. One or both adults in a two-parent household are responsible for meeting the family's mandatory work requirement.